Sunday, March 17, 2019

3-16-19 Rudder Work

Page 6-03 step 2

I moved on to section 7, rudder assembly because further progress on the vertical stabilizer
has parts I'm waiting for.
Used these little clamps to attach a straight edge to mark the lines and then used my bench top
band saw to make the cuts.  Cleaned it up after with my belt/disc sander.

Stopped at 7-03 step 2 for today.  Worked for about three hours.
I'm not keeping strict track of this time.

3-15-19 Vertical Stabilizer Work

After screwing up the first two pieces in the kit I’ve moved on to page two while waiting for replacement parts.

Completed steps 1-4 on page 6-3 tonight just to get something done today.
Worked for about an hour.

3-4-19. Empennage Kit Arrival

Kit has arrived!

Driver nicely rolled it right into the garage.

Lots and lots of paper.